Our Mission

Mission and Vision:

Our vision at Brantley County Family Connection includes a community where all children enter our world healthy, prepared and successful in their education and become prosperous, productive, self-sufficient citizens in a safe, relaxed environment. We believe this vision is obtained through our mission – to work together, as a collaborative, to improve our communities by exploring opportunities for community growth and development and by seeking solutions to the problems we may face.

About Family Connection

Brantley County Family Connection is a local non-profit and a Georgia initiative through the Office of the Governor, Georgia Family Connection Partnership for serving families and meeting the needs of children. Our focus is on Brantley County children, youth and families through local decision making and a collaboration of community members that incorporate results, accountability and shared planning. Along with other agencies, we work hard to organize and present a number of community events to bring prevention and awareness to issues that face Brantley County like substance abuse, child abuse & neglect and teen pregnancy. 

Our Family Connection Goals

  • Healthy Children
  • School Readiness
  • School Success
  • Self-Sufficient Families
  • Strong Communities