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What is a high-functioning alcoholic? The term describes people who drink just as much as alcoholics but do not exhibit visible signs of alcoholism. Despite their drinking, the functioning alcoholic can still keep their job and maintain bonds with their friends and families.

Be careful not to confuse a functioning addict with a moderate drinker.

Moderate drinking involves men and women taking utmost two drinks and one drink per day, respectively. On the other hand, a functioning alcoholic will exceed the recommended number of drinks daily. So, drinking daily does not necessarily constitute alcoholism but the amount you drink.

High-functioning alcoholism is an alcoholic disorder that we need to nip in the bud. Unfortunately, identifying this disorder is not easy. However, with our high-functioning alcoholic quiz, you can get help for yourself or others.

After the alcoholism quiz, we will also identify people likely to engage in this disorder and how best to assist them.

High Functioning Alcoholic Quiz