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Parents create trust with children by initiating open, honest discussions. These dialogues are an opportunity to communicate values and expectations about your family’s appropriate digital behavior, including viewing or sharing content, and apps they can and cannot use.

Check in frequently with your children about their digital experiences to address any potential risk of cyberbullying and harm. Be clear that your intention is to look out for their wellbeing, and that you want to have an open dialogue. Listen to their concerns and express your perspective.

To minimize the risk of cyberbullying or harm from digital behavior, parents can:

  • Set clear expectations about digital behavior and online reputation.
  • Educate about the harmful effects of cyberbullying, posting hateful speech or comments, sexting, and sharing naked photos of themselves or others (including potential legal issues).
  • Be clear about what content can be viewed or shared.
  • Identify which apps are appropriate for your child’s use and which are not.
  • Establish rules about the amount of time that a child can spend online or on their devices.
  • Model positive, respectful digital behavior on your own devices and accounts.