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Are you walking on eggshells around your IRRITABLE CHILD?

The National Institute of Mental Health is currently enrolling participants who are:

·         8- to 17-years old

·         angry, irritable, easily frustrated, or tend to have explosive temper outbursts

·         in treatment with a pediatrician, psychiatrist, or therapist

·         medically healthy, and not currently suicidal, psychotic, or hospitalized

Following a 1-day outpatient visit to confirm eligibility, families may choose to participate in:

·         outpatient treatment studies

·         a non-treatment study

These studies seek to find out whether these research treatments can be effective for children who are very irritable. Children who enroll in our studies have irritability that significantly impacts their functioning at home, in school, and with other children. Eligible children may be offered a diagnostic assessment, a new approach to cognitive behavioral therapy, or non-treatment research options. The child can remain on current medications. Parent and child must agree to the child’s participation.

There is no cost to participate. Compensation is provided.

To learn more and see if your child is eligible:


Call: 1-301-496-8381, TTY: 711

Learn More About This Study

Protocol #: 02-M-0021, 15-M-0182

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