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School is out after an impossible-to-comprehend year. We are all breathing a sigh of relief because one of the toughest parts of an already difficult school life – bullying – is over.

But unfortunately, the fact is that our childrens’ exposure to bullying – cyberbullying in particular – increases significantly over the summer months, coinciding with increased mobile device usage.

As a teen’s mobile device usage skyrockets over the summer months, so does their exposure to cyberbullying. Studies show that as time spent on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat climbs, so too will their exposure to cyberbullying. Rates are more than tripling, according to those studies.

Alarmingly, online conflict is following kids and teens offline. Over half of teens admit to fighting offline because of something posted on social media. How are teens responding? They are becoming angry or defensive, deleting their social media accounts, becoming less social, seeking professional help or therapy, and even harming themselves.

How can you help them stay safe? You must talk to your youth about cyberbullying. Remind them to save the evidence and report cyberbullying immediately. And finally, take a break! Help kids and teens exit the cycle by putting the devices down. Let’s give our children some perspective, and breathing room this summer.

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