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Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is on a Mission to Ensure Every Child in Georgia has Access to Vision Care Summer is almost over and school started this week for children throughout Georgia.

We want every young learner to be prepared for the classroom by having their eyes examined so they’re able to do their best.1 Eye and vision disorders can lead to problems in a child’s normal development, school performance, social interactions and self-esteem.2


• 52 Georgia counties currently lack a vision care provider

• 30% of Georgia counties lack eye care services • 19% (461,000) of Georgia’s children live in poverty Cost of services and glasses, lack of insurance or lack of access to services should not be a barrier for a child’s vision. In the metro Atlanta area alone, at least 92,270 school-age children need a comprehensive vision exam. Our kids deserve every opportunity to grow and thrive. Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is making progress one child and one school at a time. We are bringing accesible and affordable vision care to young patients across Georgia through our:

• Statewide Mobile Clinics

• Metro Atlanta Chamblee Full-Service Vision Clinic

• Three Grady Optical Clinics

• Frame Kit Program

TOGETHER we can do more FASTER With almost 1,000 Title 1 elementary schools in Georgia, screening a child’s vision at an early age ensures clear vision and maximizes their educational and social development. Just $1,000 provides FREE screenings for up to 500 students in an elementary school.

With your support our Mobile Clinic can check each Title 1 elementary school off the list one-by-one.