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The Domestic Violence Awareness Project (DVAP) developed a unified message around #1Thing. Change can start with only #1Thing. One person’s actions may seem insignificant, but together a communities’ collective “#1Things” can lead to real social transformation. For Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month 2023, we are especially excited to launch our new messaging campaign, By & For: Stories of the Beauty, Power, & Wisdom Within. Engaging over thirty young people and Black leaders and creatives, this campaign centers Black youth experiences, focusing on storytelling and prevention in conjunction with #1ThingTDVAM

Visit our TDVAM 2023 page to learn how you can take action!

Below you will find a comprehensive action guide for implementing this powerful message in your local community. The #1Thing Action Guide includes templates, recommendations, strategies, and tools for incorporating this message into your public awareness activities and campaigns during DVAM, and beyond. These tools and resources were developed to support your efforts to spread the word in your community.

  • The #1Thing that will end domestic violence is our collective power.
  • Healing from domestic violence requires our collective One Things.
  • We can all do #1Thing towards eradicating domestic violence.
  • Sharing our stories can have a ripple effect and can inspire others to action.
  • Our collective One Things are valuable for systems advocacy.
  • #1Thing offers the community tangible ways to get involved in the effort to end domestic violence.
Graphic: Awareness + Action = Social Change


#1Thing Action Guide

Download the full #1Thing Action guide and related resources. Related resources include:

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  • Supporting Older Survivors of Abuse Action Guide Supplemental
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  • #UnaCosa Sample Social Media Posts (Spanish)
  • #UnaCosa Community Pledge (Spanish)
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